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Xmas Fun

Christchurch Novice Gala Rd 1
Amelia - Swimmer of the Year 2015
Splash Meet - Top Visiting Club

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September 2014 - May Fletcher

For working very hard in training since she moved into Gold.


October 2014 - Amelia Ayling

For great attitude and effort in training recently.


November 2014 - Shannon Lamb

For a massive improvement lately in training & at competition.


December 2014 - Joshua Beaudro

For effort in training and recent big improvements at competition.


January 2015 – James Hall

For a massive improvement in training recently.


February 2015 – Mia Day

For being focused and making a big improvement in training recently.


March 2015 – Ella Richardson-Fitt

For training very hard lately and making massive improvements to technique and times.


April 2015 – Lucy Briscoe

For attendance and effort in training.


May 2015 – Eve Limburn

For becoming much more focused and training very well recently.


June 2015- Thomas Larby

For training very hard lately and producing some great results in recent competition.


July 2015 – Harrison Kennedy

For having a great attitude and improving a lot in speed and technique recently.


Sep 2015 – No award


October 2015 – Joshua Norris

For great attendance and for always trying hard.

November 2015 – Callum Elcombe

For training hard and making big improvements recently in technique and speed.


December 2015 – Jan Stoop

For working a lot harder lately and focusing on and achieving his target of qualifying for County Championships.


January 2016 – Grace Goddard

For an amazing improvement at County Championships to win Bronze in 50m Breast.


February 2016 – Abigail Russell

For training hard since she joined the squad and making some big improvements lately.


March 2016 – Finlay Norris

For trying very hard in training recently & improving his technique.


April 2016- Rebecca Pike

For always trying hard in training and making big improvements lately in technique, speed and fitness.


May 2016 – Max Hart

For training very hard lately and showing a big improvement in attitude towards his swimming.


June 2016 – Leila McNamara

For trying hard since she joined Bronze Squad & making some big improvements in technique lately.


July 2016 – Jacob Richardson-Fitt

For working hard and showing a big improvement recently.


October 2016 – Eloise Lamb

For training hard recently and competing very well at her first meet.


November 2016 – Isabel Barbary

For training very well since joining Gold Squad and showing some big improvements


December 2016 – Harrison Kennedy

For working hard on technique and recording some big PB’s lately


January 2017 – Grace Goddard

For winning four medals at the Hampshire County Championships



February 2017 – Joshua Croll

For working hard in training recently and getting moved up to Silver Squad


March 2017 – Naithan Wrankmore

For working really hard at getting back into swimming after a lot of time off due to being poorly


April 2017 – Josh Beaudro

For training very hard and making some big improvements lately


May 2017 – Layla Day

For training very well lately and showing improvement on technique and speed


June 2017 – Ruby Goddard

For training really well recently and selected to move into Silver Squad


July 2017 – Rebecca Pike

For training very well and showing some big improvement lately.


October 2017  - Emily Russell

For training hard recently and making big improvement in technique and speed.


November 2017 – Thomas Larby

For eventually achieving three Hampshire County Championship Qualifying Times he has been chasing



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